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The Knot

Lucio Vanni Bridal & Couture has to be one of the BEST finds in Cleveland for your wedding. The quality was exceptional with affordable prices. It truly beats out all of the other high end bridal shops in Cleveland. The service couldn’t have been better – every tiny detail was addressed. I would HIGHLY recommend stopping in before visiting any other bridal dress shops – you won’t need to look anywhere else!!!
-Lindsey P
They are unlike most of the bridal boutiques here. The space is very intimate and private, I really liked that we were not disturbed by other people during my fitting. Designer Vanni was professional and knowledgeable. She even gave me a free veil just to be nice! The gowns there were all very pretty. I loved the top of one dress and the bottom of the other, so she designed a mix and match just like I wanted. For the above and beyond services, their price is comparable to the other shops. My dress was handmade to fit me perfectly and I didn’t have to pay for alterations. I loved how the dress came out at the end. My wedding is two months away and I can’t wait to wear it 🙂
-Ashley L
My experience at Lucio Vanni was amazing!! The customer service was super. I found a dress I really loved in a magazine, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Designer Vanni was able to make it for me with the same style and some design improvement. It also cost a lot less than the brand in the magazine. All of my fittings went very well. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable, and they made sure everything was perfect. They also sell mother of the bride dresses. My mom already purchased her dress, so we did not buy hers there. I would highly recommend this bridal shop to anyone looking for a dress!
-Andrea B
My wedding is coming up in October. Last year, I tried on many dresses at many bridal dress stores, but I was unsatisfied with all of them. The main thing was the dresses looked cheap. Another thing was my body was a bit overweight, and a lot of the dresses did not fit me. Eventually, I found designer Vanni Wang from the fashion school here in Cleveland. Vanni is a very experienced designer, so I didn’t have to take a lot of time to explain what I wanted. She was very sensitive about what I like and what suits my body type. She sent me her design sketches very quickly. She finalized the design for me with all silk satin and lining, and beautiful French lace embellishments, which I loved.
Her price is reasonable too – it’d cost me $2000 more to buy an all silk bridal gown anywhere in town, plus mine is custom made with everything I want my dress to be! I don’t think I can go anywhere else for the price and the one of a kind design! Two months from wedding, my dress is all done and fits me perfectly. I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about my dress at this time. It is a big relief at moments like this!
-Cindy L
The wedding dresses there are so beautiful. The sales consultant was really helpful too. I picked out my dress there when I visited the first time. Really good price for my all silk dress with french lace. They did not charge me for alteration neither. They really cared about making me feel good and happy. I’d highly recommend it to other brides!
-Sara C
I went to Vanni because I had an idea of what I would like for my wedding dress, but not able to find it at the other bridal boutiques. Vanni listened to my ideas of my dream wedding dress, was able to put it to paper in the form of a sketch and then created the most amazing dress. I met with Vanni many times over the months prior to my wedding. It took time to create a dress that was made just for me, but it was more than worth it. Each time we met she would make adjustments so that it was just perfect. I received more compliments on my dress than any other part of my wedding day. It was simple, but classic and the detail was impeccable. The materials used were of the highest quality and so much more beautiful than anything I could have found elsewhere. I would highly recommend Vanni at Lucio Vanni Bridal for your couture wedding dress. It really will be a dream come true!
-Colleen M
Fashion designer Vanni Wang was featured in Cleveland Magazine “2013 Cleveland’s Most Interesting People” and in “The Knot Wedding Magazine”. Highly recommended boutique for made-to-measure women’s clothing. Selection of Vanni Wang bridal gowns was extraordinary and diverse.
Vanni made my wedding dress last summer. She’s very personable and talented. I really enjoyed the custom process. The dress was made from scratch and made to fit me perfectly. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for something a little extra special!
-Kelly O
I had a really wonderful experience with Lucio Vanni. The people work there are friendly and helpful. The collections are amazing. I have looked at many places and finally got my dress there. I liked beading on the top of a dress instead of lace, so I was really pleased to know that the designer could change it for me. I didn’t have to compromise in what I wanted and I wasn’t charged extra for the change in design. It was really easy to work with Vanni. She’s very flexible and complimenting. I also received a framed sketch of my dress as a wedding gift from her. I loved my dress because it was the most beautiful dress I have ever seen 🙂
-Teresa L
Vanni made me a custom wedding gown and designed a cool party dress for my honeymoon in Venice.
-Alexa S
The products and personalized services at Lucio Vanni Bridal & Couture are superb. I know my wedding gown will be the talk of the town. All the bridal consultants at this store are tops.
-Christine V
Lucio Vanni Bridal is different from other bridal stores. Their service was very personable. Vanni was very so knowledgeable and nice. She changed designs for me half way because I changed my mind about the dress. I’m thankful that she was so accommodating. I’ll recommend her to any bride!
-Liz G
I love my dress that Vanni created. The detailed design was amazing! I felt very pretty. I got so many compliments and was very happy with it. I shopped around for styles before deciding to come to Vanni. It was the right decision for me.
-Theresa H
I would highly recommend Lucio Vanni Bridal! Besides the designer dresses, the people work there were nice and professional. My dress was the first one I tried on there. It fitted me perfectly and had everything I wanted, a silk gown with French lace embellishment. My mom and my bridesmaid all loved it. I didn’t feel overwhelmed there like in other huge bridal shops. The sales consultant was helpful and gave us champagne for celebration : ) They also held my dress at the boutique without any fee until the week of my wedding. I received tons of compliments at the reception and felt amazing in it!
Vanni created the best wedding dress for my wedding! delicate and elegant, Exactly the way I wanted. They are so friendly and easy to talk with.
-Mia F
I purchased my wedding gown and veil from the Lucio Vanni Bridal. I initially made an appointment just to take a look, but fell in love with a dress that I had to buy it! Their price included fittings and alteration. The people worked there were very easy going and tried to help me as much as possible.
I had a total of 5 fittings there. They were patient and helpful each time. The dress was finished early and they hung it at the boutique till my wedding date, so I am quite appreciative about that. Overall, I don’t think I would be happier if I was going any where else. Besides the services, my dress is one of a kind and just gorgeous. It fit perfectly and I felt like a real princess! If you are looking for a wedding dress, definitely take a look there.
My dress turned out very beautiful. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!
-Nicole M
Designer Vanni came to meet me for my appointment at the store. She was very friendly and helpful, and so was her staff. I was shopping around and didn’t find dress I loved within my budget, so when I finally came to her, there was only three months left till my wedding. Vanni was still willing to work with me, and within my limited budget. I LOVED her design and detail touch. The dress impressed all the guests and my family! Thank you!
-Rachel W